1. photojojo:

    Fine-art photographer Alexander James specializes in dazzling underwater shoots. 

    For his latest project, James used a tank filled with 200 tons of water to capture these incredible underwater portraits. See the entire series below!

    Underwater Portraits Reminiscent of Baroque Paintings

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  2. theparisreview:

    Kcho, from “Americana.”

  3. supersonicart:


    Graffiti artist INSA painstakingly hand paints and then animates his street art in a process he calls “Gif-iti.”  Most of these works are collaborations and the details can be found on INSA’s Tumblr.  See more of his great work below:

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  6. iheartmyart:

    Ewa Juszkiewicz, Bez tytułu, 2011, ołówek na papierze oprawiona, 59 × 42 cm

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    ▲ obey the prophecy ▲
    the door to wonderland

  10. givemesomesoma:

    Piero Fornasetti

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    This belongs to: myownlittlecrazyworld.tumblr.com (: on We Heart It. http://weheartit.com/entry/79404770/via/LadyLily

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    there’s something about the view from behind.

    It’s a favorite of mine. i have lot’s of pictures of my loved ones taken from that vantage point. 

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