1. London Made Giant Maze Constructed of 250,000 Books

    London is hosting the 2012 Summer Olympics, and who would we be to think that there wouldn’t be a whole slew of other amazing things going on at the festival at the same time? While the Velodrome was constructed to seat 6,000, there was another interactive adventure planned out for those visiting the city. aMAZEme will ultimately be on display in Southbank Center through August, after the Olympic showcase.
    A gigantic maze made out of 250,000 books has been set up for interaction for four days (July 26-30), by Brazilian artists Gualter Pupo and Marcos Saboya. With walls said to be planned at 13 feet high and span over 5,000 square feet– users are expected to not only have a lot of fun exploring the maze; but the user will be able to experience books in a whole new way.

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